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Παιδαγωγικό Πρόγραμμα

Educational Program

Our educational program is adapted to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and is based educationally on University data, rich in alternations and modern educational and scientific teaching methods.

Kinderhaus has a separate daily educational program adapted to the developmental stages of children.

Learning takes place through an interdisciplinary approach, a variety of projects, in an environment rich in stimuli that encourages discovery, experimentation, creativity, imitation of everyday life situations and the role-playing.

Children through practice and activities are introduced to:

  • Reading readines
  • Graphic maturity
  • Mathematical thinking

Our children, ready and capable, will climb the next step to Primary School and will meet its requirements with security and self-confidence.


The activities that are the main focus of the Kinderhaus educational program are as follows

Kinderhaus - Τεχνολογία
  • Early writing exercises
  • Early mathematical concepts
  • Speech development
  • Memory exercises
  • Exercises of daily life
  • Socialization activities
  • Sensory activities
  • Experiential approach to German and English languages
  • Familiarity with modern iPad PC technology, Interactive Whiteboard
  • Preschool music, music-kinetic-rhythmic education, song
  • Theatrical play, puppetry, dramatization
  • Classical dance
Kinderhaus - Καθημερινές Δραστηριότητες
Kinderhaus - Μουσική Παιδεία
  • Gymnastics, sports activities
  • Swimming
  • Care of small animals and plants
  • Cooking, confectionary
  • Painting with various techniques and materials
  • Crafts, constructions
  • Educational trips